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The revegetation of oil and gas disturbances in the Piceance Basin is where Clarke & Co.’s Revegetation and Environmental Division began and it continues to the be the largest portion of the business segment. We have reclaimed thousands of acres using all types and techniques of revegetation (everything from raking…

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Mining and Ski Run Revegetation

Clarke & Co. has been fortunate enough to work on numerous mine and gravel pit revegetation projects throughout the Colorado high country. We are in love with the challenging work in some of the most beautiful scenery on planet earth. From the red canyon walls of Naturita to the soaring…

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Beginning in 2004 Wacey Clarke has devoted a tremendous amount of time and effort into creating Clarke & Co.’s Revegetation division. We were blessed to enter the industry at a time where revolutionary soil science and revegetation technology and practices were emerging as oil and gas / mining had to grow up and enter the world of government regulation and enforcement and public / private / institutional stakeholder input. Clarke & Co. has been on the cutting edge of these practices from the jump; including being on the research and development teams to innovate. During these past 15 years we have completed revegetation projects all over the Western Slope of Colorado in the oil and gas industry, the mining industry, the transportation industry, and the public works industry. We have revegetation disturbances in excess of 5,000 acres during this time, much of that in incredibly difficult topography and soil conditions. Our expertise includes soil preparations, soil conditioning, drill seeding, hydroseeding, hydraulic growth mediums, organic fertilization, straw and native grass mulching, hydromulching, bonded fiber matrices, stabilized mulch matrices, seed mixes, plantings, and custom applications to specification.

Our services have been expanded due to our customer’s needs, and the environmental services we provide are an example of this theme. As our revegetation division established itself in the Oil and Gas industry, we quickly added water quality and environmental services to our product line to fill a gap for our customers. These services include stormwater and erosion control BMP installation, monitoring, maintenance, and reporting along with De-Watering applications and reporting. Additionally we have been a part of many in-situ soil and cuttings remediation projects.

Herein we have included some examples of our revegetation and environmental experience, take a look and please reach out if you have any revegetation needs within your organization.