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Basalt High School

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GJ Airport Sign & Roundabout


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Landscape and irrigation have been the bread and butter of Clarke & Co., Inc. for 35 years and counting. Our landscape services include excavation, over-lot and fine grading, soil preparations (conditioning, amendments, soil science recommendations and implementations), seeding, mulching, sod installation, plantings, rock, timber, walls, pavers, grasscrete, flagstone, pathways, landscape lighting, boulders, curbing, concrete, ponds, water features, and statuary placement.

We provide industry leading irrigation installation experience including all forms of piping (PVC, HDPE, Fusion, Steel, Copper, etc.), conventional multi wire automation, 2 wire path automation, WiFi controllers and valves, weather stations, maxi-com systems, pump stations, solar systems, agricultural drip, agricultural sprinkler, temporary establishment, and xerigation.

As part of our landscape service lines we install all kinds of site furnishings including benches, play equipment, horse shoe pits, volleyball, basketball, football, soccer, rugby, and baseball field equipment, baseball dugouts, trash receptacles, bike racks, shade shelters, boat docks, solar and hand pump well systems.

Check out some of our past projects to see the amazing landscapes that we build everyday here at Clarke & Co.!